Rachel Loomis-Flaunt Response

I found this article very interesting. I knew that photographing our work is so important and that those photos are a visual representation of us and our work. But this showed me that there is not really a “right” way to get that great image, which was encouraging to me. It was interesting to read about different designers and their processes for photographing their pieces, and their advice for it as well. More times then not those pictures are all that people will get to see of our work so to capture them as best as possible is so very important. I also appreciated how they each listed the materials and tools that they use in their photographing process. Some even offered “cheaper” and more “advanced” options. We are students so having those options is really nice. All in all this was a great article and I also think it is a great resource for advice in terms of photographing our work. I will defiantly be holding on to this on to reference later down the road.

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