Ryan Lindsay | Flaunt Response

I found so much of this information very helpful and it was fun to see how many agencies had their own journey of creating techniques and consistencies in shooting their work. Many sections of the reading emphasized how important it is to have consistency in work documentation, whether in lighting, angling, or backgrounds, so long as they portrayed your work as well as the work itself. Essentially that is the second impression to a viewer about who you are and what you do. A couple of the tips I found very helpful were: Make sure to capture the larger piece itself before diving into detail photos. I love seeing tiny details as much as any designer, but make sure to give people an idea of what the overall artifact looks like first; Determine a unique combination of lighting and styling to characterize your portfolio image style. These photos are a visual representation of your skills and attention to detail, and the proprietary way you present your work says a lot about what you’re capable of; and maintain consistency with angles and framing across images.

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