Luke Boeckelmann – Flaunt: Portfolio Shooting

All of these firms and designers seem to have one thing to say: make the work look as good as possible. Doing tis would reflect on me as much as my work. They all agree that a clean, seamless background is vital. Often the background is matted out and replaced with a clean, complimenting color. Edges are always edited in post to be perfectly square. Using a high quality camera is important to all of the sources, who say that investing in a simple and decent lens is well worth it. Lighting is vital. Some intentionally lit the work harshly to emphasize contrast, while others leaned toward soft window lighting. Either way, whether natural or a kit, controlled lighting makes a professional portfolio. All of these designers also recommended using adjustment layers in photoshop. The textbook reminds the reader that photos have a history of manipulation, and photoshop is the new frontier in this area, fixing brightness, increasing contrast, evening colors, and even removing imperfections.

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