Jayme Coulter: Flaunt It_01

This article has so much great advice. I have not taken a photography class and it seems a bit overwhelming reading about all of the different things needed but I feel like it is more simple than it sounds. Photography seems like one of those things that takes awhile to get set up but once you’re there, it goes quickly. I’ve always wondered how I can make my craft on photoshop better and this article will definitely help. I saved it my computer’s Favorites. I like the fact that a background doesn’t have to be boring and I think having a consistent background like CODO Design is a great idea. Plus I am drawn to their background because it is wood and I love anything dealing with nature. I will definitely keep in mind to use soft, natural light and that hue/saturation, levels, and curves are best for editing photos. I think out of all of the options presented on how to photograph work, I like the natural light outside a lot better.

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