Gerrit Husar – Flaunt Response #1

I found the reading from flaunt very interesting because of my deep interest in photography. I definitely have an appreciation for the rigor and time that goes into photographing your work after doing just that for my mid program review portfolio. I was lucky enough to have access to seamless paper and OK lighting and was able to obtain some good shots of my 3D work and most of my 2D work. I definitely agree with all of these commentators that mention that post production editing is just as important as the backdrop and lighting. It is important to know that your camera will never capture exactly what our eyes see so it is our job as artists to color correct and adjust white balances to get the best digital representation of our works as possible. I think that as designers it is important for all of us to save and invest in good equipment so that we can best represent our works in our portfolios and in the future.

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