Tara Wogomon-Flaunt It #1

This section of the book will be very helpful in the future when photographing my own work. Having just finished turning in my mid program review portfolio, I understand the difficulties in where to shoot and how to find the right angle of your work. I thought it was interesting how they editors transformed the backgrounds of the images to be whatever they felt looked nicely with their work even if they did not actually take the picture on that surface. The photography of the letter and envelopes stacked was completely transformed when placed on a wooden background. I truly forget all of the possibilities with Photoshop and all other programs we use. I enjoy the different styles used by each designer in this section. Some of them stack a bunch of one work on top of each other and others just have one piece in the photo. When putting together my portfolio for mid program. My photographs were simply and just showed the painting or photo. Next time I put together my portfolio, I will use some of the techniques listed in this section of the book.

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