Arianna Halt:Millennial Article Response

In the articles, the authors state different points of view on millennials workplace habits: some say that we are slackers, unmotivated, and used to constant entertainment; but some say that our current age group has always been viewed that way and it is just older people not respecting younger people. I think both points are valid. Young people are always going to be viewed at less motivated, more fun-seeking people in the eyes of older people. While it is true that my generation has grown up in front of TV, tablet, and phone screens and needing to be constantly doing multiple things at once, I think that would also be beneficial in the workplace.

Millennials expect everything to move very fast, but that would also make us able to multitask and move quickly on projects at our jobs. However, we are a generation in which everything was handed to us, and many don’t know how to apply the ability to multitask and adapt to working at a real job. This generation also has constantly been fed the idea that a person shouldn’t have to work hard to make money/keep a job/be content. As the article on said, “Your work isn’t up to par, you’re not as great as you think, and if you don’t improve, you’re fired.” I definitely agree that there is a trend of laziness and a feeling of entitlement in millennials, but we also have a lot of skills that would work well in the workplace, as long as we’re not too lazy to use them.

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