Kendall Getzinger: Millennials in the Workplace

These three articles are very interesting to me, especially some of the language they use. In the second article, I was surprised that they compared the millennial generation to the movie Spring Breakers. The authors tend to view us as lazy, having a lack of motivation and being very self-absorbed. Although we are good at multitasking, we tend to have a lack of focus when it comes to work. I disagree with many of these claims. I have been working since I was 15 years old and I have had 5 jobs. I think it depends a lot on how we were raised and how our parents brought us up to our adulthood.

I thought it was peculiar how they said we are very skeptical when it comes to the government, I would almost argue that politics is becoming less and less valued by the younger generations. Many of the problems of millennials seem to start in the college atmosphere. Students in bigger universities spend their weekends partying and trying to get through school instead of valuing hard work and education. I have seen this first hand as many of my high school friends go to bigger universities and when I have visited some of their schools, I can see how the partying atmosphere trumps education for many students.

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