Grad school Response | Rachel Loomis

I haven’t given much thought to Grad school in the past, and the little thought that I did give it I always came to the quick conclusion that grad school was not going to be happening for me. I understood why someone might want to, and I did, generally speaking see the value in it, but for me, I had no desire to continue schooling for another chunk of my life. After reading this article though, while I am still not totally convinced it is for me I am slower to say that I will not ever attend. I have learned and am still learning so many valuable things here at Judson but who is to say that there is still not so much to be learned, and experienced. It also makes me wonder what doors would be open, or even shut because I did or did not attend grad school. Again while I am still not 100% convinced it is for me, I will defiantly have to give it some more thought.

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