Arianna Halt Grad School Response

Grad School Response

This article made me think a lot. I had never really considered going to graduate school before because I have always wanted to just get into the professional designer world; but now especially after reading the article I realize that it would be a very good opportunity to continue to expand my skill set as an artist/designer. Being in school gives me opportunities to do specific projects that help me to improve my design knowledge and ideas, which is something that I would get if I were in the work world, but probably graduate school would develop my skills in a much less narrow way. However, I still see the benefits of working immediately after undergrad too because working at various companies as an intern and then working my way up into more of a professional role is another way to grow and learn. I think if I were to go to graduate school, it would be after working for a while at various companies, and I would treat it as more of a “refresher course” to see what is new and to give me new ideas and have interesting projects.


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