Ryan Lindsay | Grad School Reading

Reading through this article was very informative in many ways. The points made were strong reasons and it was good to hear from actual students who went to grad school. Grad school is never something I have seriously considered, but thought about maybe doing one day. Some words I found very interesting were: “This is powerful work that can change businesses and affect people’s lives. It has made me care much less about aesthetics, professionally, and much more about the ability to make our work both valuable and meaningful.” “It’s great to have the time to explore something I’m curious about personally, not just do work for clients. I learned how to dig deep on researching a topic.” I also like how the article hit on the negative aspects of grad school, like “Likewise, most design graduate programs are not a great place to learn about business or about navigating design in an industry context. Some departments offer a course on design and business, but it’s optional, and not enough.”


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