Jayme Coulter_Senior Crit Response

I attended the first graphic design critique and to begin this response, I want to say that the displays and the work that was taken on each project was amazing. I imagined taking one small idea and turning it into something that elaborate and all of the cracks, corners, and dark places that would need to be explored before having a close to flawless presentation and work. I say close to flawless because, as everyone knows, nothing is perfect. The critiques that I watched were Alisha’s, Christina’s, and Ben’s. I have so many notes that I took down in my sketchbook but some of the things I want to respond to are as follows:

For a project, you have to think about everything but you also have to think about where the project could go outside of the studio and away from the gallery walls.

Ben Puffer’s designs were phenomenal!! I did not resonate with the meaning behind it but I love how he successfully explored the different paper and type treatments. His posters were visually stimulating and interactive. I would love to explore type treatments that he experimented with.

One of my favorites: Making a project personal seems the best way to go, at least for me. I like to make things personal because I like the relationship it calls for between me and the viewer, even if I have never met the viewer. Making a project personal is about being vulnerable. People will judge you, but they’ll also connect and even reflect on their own lives. It is both scary, but serene. It has more of an impact because the project shows who we are as a person, not just as an artist and I think that is very important.


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