Senior Critique Response

The first half of the Senior Critique ROCKED! There were literally rocks. 100% of the ideas that this group of graduating students produced were not only relevant, but extremely original.  I personally enjoyed some of the more practically applicable projects. Katie’s “aha” app was a fascinating concept, and the subversive signs were unbeatably interesting, however my favorite project had to be “CURLS CURLS CURLS!” Standing out from the crowd in both concept and presentation, this sub-cultural self-help book sought to inspire african american women to appreciate their natural hair and turn away from the harmful perms that make them feel like they “fit in.” With three posters and an entire book full of thoughtful design, this project looked like it had a real potential to not only enter the ‘real world,’ but even change it. The designer explained how even the colors were broken down to represent the theme of each chapter, like ‘Hate’ or ‘Acceptance.’ By painting the wall black and even hanging a mirror over a barber chair to mimic a hair salon, she presented the concept in an ideal and appealing context. This whole crit only got me more excited (and a little nervous) about my future final project.

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