Senior Crit Response

I really enjoyed attending the senior critique. I saw Alisha, Christina, and Ben’s critiques and thought it was really cool to see the thought put into the concepts, process, and final product of each of the projects. The ideas were creative, new, and unexpected, which was cool to see. Their projects were mostly about awareness of an issue or challenging the norm, whether in calling out the media or putting another person through another’s experiences. It is important to be ambitious but not choose a topic you can’t completely visualize to make others understand. The most interesting part to me was the questions asked by those critiquing the students: where do you see this getting publicity? What is the connection between these different elements? What were your reasons for your color choices and style of the posters? It was a little terrifying to watch every little thing being questioned, but it was great that they always had a response and reason behind everything. I learned that not just intentionality is important, but also being able to explain those concepts in front of people questioning you is an important part of a project.

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