Katie Heard | Flaunt Response 3

I found this section really interesting. I have always been impressed with the creative ways that people have organized their portfolios. The cost is something that I don’t think I put much thought towards before. It really does take a lot of money, time, and dedication to do these kind of portfolios but for the most part people seemed to be impressed by them. There is also the reality that you have to face that it might not get you a job even if they are impressed. I think it could be discouraging if you don’t remind yourself that it is definitely a learning experience and could help you out with future employers. One thing I don’t understand is the whole binding process where they were talking about using a sewing machine. I don’t get how that works with a whole book. I would be really excited to try something like that though. l would be really interested in looking at different production methods in general.

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