Jayme Coulter_Flaunt_04

One of my questions is, if we constantly produce new designs to go in our portfolio, do we take things out and replace their spaces with our new works?

Making your own portfolio book is sometimes a better route: get creative. Keep the work in a portfolio diverse. Don’t use type 101 characteristics in a student portfolio, make it professional. Can use both digital and actual comps and samples. A hand held portfolio is probably best for me, especially since I am switching to fine art.

Always have a web portfolio.

Think about how to stand out and present work. Online portfolios are good, but sometimes tactile is better.

Online helps people discover you

You can get really creative, as long as it works. As a fine artist, maybe this approach is best for me. I.e., Rachel Majka’s use of sail boat sails to make a carriable


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