Daniel Hawley Flaunt It Response 4

This section of portfolios and self promotions was very helpful in showing me the many different directions that designers can go in presenting themselves to companies and clients. Everything from professionally bound and printed books to hand-made briefcases to candles and do-it-yourself kits can be utilized to get your personal brand across. Looking at these examples, I feel like I would prefer to go in the direction of a cheaper, but unique leave-behind that would showcase my work, maybe paired with one more traditional portfolio book that I could use in one-on-one meetings with employers. I liked the example that Hamish Childs showed where he created a booklet that unfolded into a poster that showcased all of his work. This method would be fairly cheap to reproduce and it could be something that I could leave with employers as I was interviewing for jobs. The layout of the work itself provides an interesting design problem as I would work with structure and layout  in such a way that both the booklet and the poster work simultaneously. Hierarchy would also be crucial to show so that my best work gets the most attention. Otherwise, if I didn’t go that direction with my portfolio, I would probably attempt some sort of book or folder system for a portfolio format. I feel like the briefcase/box system is a bit outdated and hard to transport. And to me, it seems a bit pretentious to present yourself with an elaborate portfolio like that. Something simpler and more reserved is more my style, and is more likely to portray myself as a designer.

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