Kendall Getzinger Flaunt 3

This section of flaunt has been the most helpful so far for me. The one thing I learned about an interview is to really get to know the company. For example, some firms see 100, some see 500 portfolios a year. It is important to know the client base of the company and how you would fit into their world. It is important to present your best work-it was repeated multiple times to not show weaknesses or anything you are not proud of. Context is important as well, if you show a logo put it on a business card and not just a blank page. They want to see it in action.

My favorite advice from this section was from Stefan Sagmeister. He suggests to put your best piece first, second best last and the rest in between. This is supported by psychology, it is proven that people tend to remember the first and last thing in a presentation, portfolio, etc. It can be nice to include “passion projects” in your portfolio but businesses want to see your passion, they want to see design that you are in love with because if they see passion, they will see you eagerness to work. Employers want to see personality in the portfolio and they want it to stand out. As for the amount of work in a portfolio, people want a happy medium. There was a large range of advice (from 5-20+) but the general consensus was that you want to show the variety of good work you can do but you don’t want to bore anyone. They want to see the best representation of your work, “real world” work that will translate well to their company. They need to see how you will fit within their company. All in all, businesses want  a professional representation of your work that shows passion and is free of errors.

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