Jayme Coulter_Flaunt Response_03

Flaunt Reading Response: 3

Things I found interesting and most helpful:

  • Always have a website, no matter what
  • Website should match portfolio
  • 66% of interviewers are indifferent towards Behance-based portfolios. What is behance-based?
  • Follow up by email!
  • Included in first contact email should be website link and PDF sample work: 3-4 samples is recommended for interviewer
  • Up to 10Mb is most preferred by interviewers for first contact e-mail
  • Showing digital work: on laptop or ipad

It was really interesting to see the number of portfolios employers receive per month and per year and just how much those numbers vary. The three main things one of the interviewers looks for in a portfolio are the basics: typography, color sensibility, and composition. Craft is always an important quality, it never goes away. In the portfolio, have a few pieces that seal the deal and about 8 more pieces that support those. Seeing the interviews of the interviewers is very helpful insight! I am definitely going to refer back to Flaunt when I am getting ready for interviews and doing my portfolio. And I’m not just saying that, I mean it.

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