Arianna Halt Flaunt Reading 3

This was a great section to read. Since I am looking to interview for an internship soon, hearing what interviewers wanted in a portfolio was really helpful. Some of the best pieces of advice for me were the following: Put your best piece first, your second best piece last, and everything else in between. Tell a story and emphasize what your strength is through your portfolio, and why that should help in your work at the particular company. Only include work you’re proud of; you shouldn’t have to apologize for your work. Don’t over-explain and let your work speak for itself. Ask thoughtful, well-researched questions. Before portfolio presentation, ask about how much time it should take and/or what they are interested in. Many of the designers mentioned being more interested in the personality of the interviewees, since they would work with that person every day.

I found it interesting that the most varied opinions of the designers came from whether or not to include personal pieces in the portfolio. Some hated the idea of including works that were just done for fun and said the most important works are completely thought out, able to be utilized easily, and for a purpose. Others said that it is important to have “passion projects” that are done outside of school, to be able to see what the potential employee is truly passionate about. Others say to exclude those and it is more important to show how you think. It is just a matter of opinion and the place you’re interviewing for, so that would be something to look out for and analyze what they may want before submitting a portfolio to a particular design firm.


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