Jayme Coulter_Flaunt_02

The reading says that the younger the designer is, the bigger their portfolio is and the more experienced designer is going to have a smaller portfolio. Is this because the more experienced designer knows to pick only their top bests, and the younger designer wants to show more? It is also said that giving credit, especially if the project was worked on at a previous job, is extremely important. And when writing information in a portfolio, be to-the-point because 57% of interviewers ideally want only basic information with credits. Which is something I wish I knew before turning in my mid program review portfolio. The one downfall to being an artist is having to SAVE EVERYTHING. You never know when you are going to need it and you’ll most likely need it for the portfolio because showing how you started a project and progressed to the final is very important, especially since 70% of interviewers want to see process sketches. And apparently I am going to need a website, which I already knew. But this just brings to mind the rhetorical question of: I wonder how many other websites are out there, even just for just freelancers and why do they have to be so hard to find? xP

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