Daniel Hawley Flaunt It Reading 2

In this section about interviews, what stood out to me the most was the fact that most interviewers don’t necessarily care about the portfolio. Yes, there are some preferences about what format and how long they should be, but ultimately, it is me that they are looking at and not my work. Most interviewers are interested in my previous work only because it hints at where my future work is going. They not only want to see that my work is a good fit for their team’s needs, but also that I as a designer have the drive and vision to continue to contribute to the team years down the road. A good portfolio is what gets you into an interview, and if there are blatant mistakes in it, you are going to get turned down, but firms are in the business of hiring people, not portfolios. Who you are matters most in an interview, not what you’ve done. Therefore, my focus in an interview should be presenting myself to the employer. I want to be personable and rememberable, and my portfolio is only a small part of how I achieve that. If I don’t get a job, I would rather it be because of my portfolio than my personality; I can always improve my portfolio, but it is a lot harder to change who I am as a designer.

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