Flaunt It #2

This section of the Flaunt It book is very informational. The interview questions and answers from all these different designers really open my eyes to what process will be like applying for jobs. Each designer or company has his or hers own style or interests. We, as applicants, need to tailor our portfolios to meet their needs. It is very interesting reading the different approach each designer takes on each question. One could say one thing and another could be the complete opposite. The question that really stood out to me was about how many pieces we should put in our portfolio. Some designers said eight and others said twenty. Before sending a portfolio out to any company, I feel it would be best to research as much as you can to figure out what the employer is looking for. If you submit work that is opposite of what the company does they will instantly throw your application away. This insight from twenty-five designers will help a lot in my job search after graduation.

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