Flaunt 2 Response

Following the information shared on the graph, it seems like a combination of formats for your portfolio is recommended. Clients or interviewers like to have options so the more the better. A digital portfolio along with a bound book is favored over having only one. I found it very interesting that the smaller portfolio size, the older the designer and on the other hand, the larger the portfolio size the younger the designer. People want to see a happy medium, a size that is between letter and tabloid. Interviewers also like to see basic information and credits, they want to get to the point but prefer to not be overloaded with information. Process images are also very helpful to show the interviewer how you arrived at the final product. Having a website is a must for a designer that is looking for a good position. Most interviewers don’t mind the logistics of how the website was made but a good solid website is preferable. It also might be helpful to design your portfolio and website in a similar fashion, this helps to keep your design a whole unit.

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