Kendall Getzinger – Flaunt

The variety across the design companies and how they photograph their work was very intriguing to me. I see that having a nice DSLR camera, a tripod and good lighting are the three simple necessities to photograph your work in a beautiful way. The one thing that separates your work from others is variety, you need a multitude of shots, some head on, others paying specific attention to detail. I liked how the design company Guts & Glory kept repeating “fake it til you make it”. Illusion and using photoshop in post-production is important to making your photographed work stand out. On the other hand, I was drawn to the companies like Codo Design and Ro & Co because of their use of earthly materials (like wood) and natural light. I think it helps put setting to a piece of work and show how it will look in the real natural world. I loved the use of wood as a background, I think it gives a more rustic feel. On the other hand, if you need something polished and clean, a white background edited in photoshop works beautifully as well.

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