Rachel Loomis-Millennials

I found these articles very interesting and, even slightly offensive at times. It is hard to see literally spelled out for you what the older generations think of you and your generation. But if we are being honest, I agree with most of what the articles were saying. I do think that as a whole my generation is lazy, manipulative and slightly (or more than slightly) out of control. We have embraced ourselves and our own desires and have become immune to outside opinions and contrasting views. It is sad but it is reality. But that being said, I DONT think it is fair to group every “millennial” together and while many are the same, to assume we are ALL the same. I admit to having some of these tendencies and characteristics, of laziness, procrastination, and being unfocused. But this does not mean that I and many people my age, aren’t focused, driven, hardworking, creative and professional. I think this quote by Chris Osterndorf sums it up, “we should all stop calling millennials lazy and narcissistic, and leave them to prove whether that’s true on their own. Because to keep talking about them with such a narrow viewpoint would ultimately be the laziest move of all.”

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