Millennials in the Workplace | Ryan Lindsay

Reading all three of these articles was very interesting. I learned new things about the way that professionals and older generations, and even fellow Millennials think about the generation. I think it is important to understand the true and false things about my generation and how I can overcome them by proving to others that I do not fit the mold they have created for me. We are characterized by lazy, unprofessional, and having a lack of knowledge of how the world works. It some cases I can definitely see these effects in people throughout high school and even college; they don’t have any respect for time or deadlines, and some I have seen even intentionally skip exams and ask for a make-up opportunity. The blame was said to be equally spread throughout parents, businesses, and schools, and I agree with this point. I am ever so thankful for my parents and the way they raised me; they never told me I was better than I was and didn’t allow me to grow up thinking I was entitled to anything I wanted, but that I had to work and prove myself worthy of earning things in life. My favorite quote was from the article “Everything you’ve heard about Millennials is wrong:” “In a potential plus for employers, young people have learned — at home, at school, through their shared online networks — to value collaboration and teamwork over competition.”

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