Millennials in the Workplace Response|Matthew Mallary

All three of these articles discussing millennials seem to be in agreement on the fact that millennials aren’t quite as bad as many older generations believe. Stereotypically, millennials are lazy, have a bad work ethic, and are selfish. They are inattentive and are incapable of focusing on a long-term task for very long. These articles attempted to disprove these stereotypes. The article titled “Millennials at Work: Young and Callow, Just Like Their Parents” provided examples from the past of older generations criticizing younger ones. As Professor Cappelli is quoted in the article, “There’s no evidence that millennials are different. They’re just younger.” Later on, the article even mentions that some of the things about millennials that are seen as bad may not actually be so bad. The example used is that millennials might be doing work for the company on social media even when they’re off work, something older generations wouldn’t do. The article titled “Everything You’ve Heard About Millennials is Wrong” goes as far to say that in some ways, millennials are better than previous generations. Millennials stayed in school more often than their parents. Millennials also used less drugs and alcohol. The third article, however, seemed very negative towards millennials. This articles points were mostly refuted by the first article, but overall it seemed as if it was saying that millennials aren’t as bad as everyone says.

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