Millennials in the workplace | Katie Heard

This might fit exactly into what the articles were saying about millennials (that they’re narcissistic) but I would consider myself an exception. I would contribute that statement to my faith, being a Christian has influenced me to set my morals more towards the conservative side. I don’t participate in excessive “drinking… or have unconventional sex.” although I will admit to my Netflix watching being borderline obsessive. Many of the people that I knew in high school and still keep in contact with today through social media fit the stereotype in their social life as partiers, but I believe that we do have a desire to succeed, I certainly do. Often times when people from the generation before us think of the millennials I believe that that they just hear what has often been said an predicted about our generation and had maybe one or two bad experiences and except it as truth. I believe that a lot of the problem is that our generation grew up with a lot of situational differences that the generation before us doesn’t fully understand. With the invention of the internet things like research became much quicker and easier. So when they look at the millennials in school and see that they are spending less time in the library they write it off as kids being lazy and less studious, when in reality we don’t need a whole library to get all of our resources for a paper. While I recognize that not all situations are like this I believe that we all just need to have a little more hope and faith in one another instead of constantly chastising one another.

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