Jayme Coulter: Millennials in the Workplace

It is not new knowledge that employers avoid hiring fresh graduates due to their lack of experience and maturity. It was interesting, however, to again realize while reading “Millennials at Work: Young and Callow, Like Their Parents” that it is not uncommon for new graduates, within the span of history, to have a hard time getting used to the work place. By the time workers are ready to enter the field; they are only in their early twenties, which means they are not fully developed as a forty year old would be. So the behavior makes sense. I am grateful that Judson provides us a way of experiencing the work place before we graduate, with access to job shadows and internships before we even graduate. I’m reading about kids who have a poor work ethic and this point is brought up often. I hope to not be lazy in the workplace. I am glad my dad started me out early by requiring I do chores around the house and help him whenever I can because as doing these activities, he never stopped teaching me work ethic and how to handle responsibility. Even though our generation is having a harder time finding jobs, we are better at finishing our education than the generation before us. This is a good thing to hear but at the same time, it is more necessary for our generation to stay in school due to the fact that jobs are scarcer.

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