Luke | Millenials in the Workplace

So these articles seem to be torn between discussing the cons and discussing the pros of my generation. They talk about how many perceive us as lazy, entitled, tech-obsessed, and proud. I agree with that. They also talk about how we bring new things to the table, like a fresh perspective on culture and open-mindedness, which I also agree with. Most of them also admit that the problem may not lie in us specifically, but all youth since the beginning of time. I agree with this as well. All of these things are true, really. I can look around and see that many of my peers are selfish and, frankly, panzees. However, while there are things that distinguish us from other young generations, in the end we will probably all turn into our parents. I would like to see my generation (myself included) become more selfless and committed to hard work, and eventually a lot of us will mature, but I also don’t want to see us lose a rebellious edge. It’s hard to say whose ‘fault’ it is that millenials underperform—maybe it’s just the nature of youth—but I will aways believe in a balance between respecting and challenging the powers that be.

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