Kasey Lewis | Millennials in the Workplace

I find in frustrating when older generations constantly complain about all of the issues with the Millennial Generation. I believe this negative attitude has developed into a  generalized stereotype that not all Millennials do not fit into. Companies should not hesitate to interview and hire Millennials based off of our reputation. We should be able to prove ourselves before assumptions are made. I can see that laziness and narcissism, among others, are poor qualities that are definitely present in our generation. However, just like any generation of the past, our’s has both negative and positive qualities.  One article includes a quote that says, “Because they’ve grown up multitasking on their mobile, iPad and computer, I can’t expect them to work on one project for any amount of time without getting bored.” The article then concludes with the upside. Our generation is comfortable with the last technology and know how to use it efficiently. Millennials bring a new energy, ideas and methods of working that might be scary to generations who are afraid of change. Millennials who do fall under the negative stereotypes need to mature in order to use there unique qualities in a positive way.

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