Gerrit Husar: Millennials in the Workplace

These articles really opened my eyes to the opinions that are thrown out in the world today about my generation. I never really knew that these opinions were held about us, but I can very easily see why. I have observed that people my age do tend to be lazy and don’t value hard work. My Dad owns and runs an animal hospital and I have seen first hand how hard it is to find young people that know how to work hard and are willing to do it. It is rare to come across someone who fits the bill. I think that now that I know that these opinions are held about my generation I have a good idea as to what I need to do when looking for jobs or internships in the next few years. The ability to present yourself professionally but then be able to follow through with that is important. I think that graphic design is a young field and it is run by older millennials, this in mind, it is important to make myself stand out from the rest of them by exuding professionalism, but then actually following through with it.

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