Daniel Hawley Millenial Reading Discussion

Within these articles about millennials, what stood out most to me was the fact that most employers (who are likely from Generation X) don’t see young employees as professional enough within the workplace. The articles go on to point out that Generation X faced this same problem when they were young too, but at the same time, I think that this widely accepted view of people my age can be used to my advantage. If I am able to present myself in a way that is more professional than my peers, I have a better chance at getting a job than similar applicants. However, this only applies if I am being hired by a Generation Xer. Graphic Design is a relatively young field, and most small, newer firms are run by older millennials. If I am applying at a company mainly staffed by millennials, professionalism will set me apart from other candidate, but my own personal style and strengths will get me the job.

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